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Tees4Techies is a non-profit e-commerce platform powered by New York On Tech (NYOT), a nonprofit organization on a mission to prepare the next generation of technology leaders. NYOT was founded in 2014 to create pathways for students into degrees and careers in technology.

At a time where computing and technology jobs are the number one source of new wages in the United States, students are not being positioned to participate in the growing sector. Only 1% of students receive a computer science and technology education in New York City and college graduates are on track to fill only 29% of the 1.4 million jobs available in technology by 2020. 

100% of the proceeds generated by this store are poured back into student programs. In the 2017 - 2018 school year, NYOT will reach of 500 students and is growing rapidly. You can read more about our impact in our 2017 report: https://2017report.newyorkontech.org

Whether it is purchasing an item for yourself or a fellow techie in your life, we hope that you consider supporting our work this holiday season. Thanks so much for your time. 


Evin F. Robinson and Jessica Santana

Co-founders, New York On Tech

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